Financial Highlights

Through organic growth coupled with complementary acquisition activities, Brady seeks to strengthen its product offerings and meet customer demand more rapidly. An important element of Brady’s Acquisitions philosophy is our consistent commitment to customer service and product support while achieving our financial return objectives and creating value for our shareholders.

2016 Financial Highlights

  • Total revenue increased by 11% to £30.3 million (up 2% in consistent currency)
  • 1% organic revenue growth (7% decline on consistent currency basis ­ mainly as a result of the reduction in license sales) 
  • Total recurring revenue grew by £3.6 million or 24% (by £2.1 million or 14% at consistent currency rates)
  • Operating profit before exceptional items of £0.5 million up £1.5 million from £1.0 million loss in 2015 ·
  • Adjusted EBITDA* increased 85% to £4.5 million from £2.5 million
  • Reported loss after tax of £1.9 million (2015: £1.7 million loss)

2016 Operational Highlights

  • Implemented a 'one company' approach, led by an Executive Board that has started to build our new strategy 
  • Reorganised sales functions into a Value Enablement team, focussed on delivering value to new customers, and an Account Management team focused on existing customers  
  • Reorganised the Development team with focus on Group priorities, rather than local 
  • Created a Product team, responsible for all product lines

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